Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thurmond Industries Spot Light Article

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April, 2012

Thurmond Industries, Inc. a New York/ New Jersey Council certified company is the creator and manufacturer of a patented product that will revolutionize the way trash is collected and disposed. The company's flagship product The Quick Can™ is a user friendly trash can that allows for quick, efficient, and hygienic removal of full trash bags while simultaneously replacing it with a new bag.
The Quick Can™ was created by Erin Thurmond, President and CEO of Thurmond Industries, Inc. Erin's inspiration to develop this innovative design came from his desire to make one of his least favorite chores, taking out the trash a lot less burdensome. A sentiment that Erin figured is shared by many and one that Thurmond Industries is counting on to turn trash into treasure.
For professionals in the construction, commercial cleaning, hospitality, entertainment/sports, educational, health care and other industries that generate and dispose of large amounts of trash; The Quick Can™ offers huge time, money, and labor savings.
The Quick Cans™ ability to cut the trash collection and removal process by 50% along with the value added aspects of the product; which include ergonomic, efficiency, storage and mobility make it a superior product to what is currently offered on the market today.
Erin's path to entrepreneurship was not conventional, however Erin always dreamt of owning his own business and creating jobs in his community". Thurmond Industries, Inc. is currently in the growth phase, and we believe that sky is the limit. For further information, visit us at:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Quick Can

Recently I came across a new product to review, the name was catchy so naturally it piqued my curiosity. I wanted to know more and see exactly what this so called Quick Can is about. It was being billed as the worlds first and only self changing trash can. I know right? blah, blah, blah. So I went online to their site and I purchased one. I was not all too thrilled about the $90.00 price tag, but I will admit, this thing has been super helpful when my wife nags me about taking out the trash. The Quick Can allows me to grab the trash and go. I strongly recommends this product to any maintenance professional or any business with numerous trash cans to maintain. The Quick Can currently comes in one size 32 gallon. But their web site states that a few different versions and sizes are slated to hit the market this year. To much anticipation, the 11 to 13 gallon kitchen home can version. Their web site address